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(2014-09-13) sbt插件的基础知识

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在sbt 0.13.5版本,可以调用plugins任务,查看当前项目启用了哪些插件

$ sbt
> plugins
In file:/private/tmp/sbttest/multi/
    sbt.plugins.IvyPlugin: enabled in multi
    sbt.plugins.JvmPlugin: enabled in multi
    sbt.plugins.CorePlugin: enabled in multi
    sbt.plugins.JUnitXmlReportPlugin: enabled in multi
  1. CorePlugin: Provides the core parallelism controls for tasks
  2. IvyPlugin: Provides the mechanisms to publish/resolve modules.
  3. JvmPlugin: Provides the mechanisms to compile/test/run/package Java/Scala projects.

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